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There are numerous advantages of being registered to My WM Total Rewards portal:

Waste Management is a firm providing for the effective and efficient disposal of waste. It innovatively processes the waste with the help of its high-tech machines. The process leads to the emission of zero pollution. WM rather takes into account that no Methane gas that is being released from the waste collected go to waste. They use the high-tech machines and produces nearly 13,000 gallons of clean-burning fuel (LNG) a day from the methane gas that is released. WM is considered to be the world’s largest company that converts landfill gas into vehicle fuel.

The WM team will take upon the responsibility to pick up waste from the customers’ doorstep. In addition to this, the team shall also classify the waste collected into various categories and dispose of it accordingly. The service is available for the both residential and business sector.

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You can start keeping your surroundings clean and green and avail all the above advantages at the click of a button on your smartphone. Here is the process on how you can start using the “My WM Total Rewards” portal: (LOG IN/REGISTRATION PROCESS)

  1. First, you need to visit the webpage; this webpage is the login landing page to access the Waste Management Total Rewards portal.
  2. Then, you need to enter your “User ID” and click on “Continue.”
  3. If you are a Canadian Employee, you need to enter your “Employee ID,” your “PIN Number” and continue to click the “log in” button.
  4. But, if you are not yet a part of WM Community and want to be a part of preserving the environment innovatively, you first need to “Register” online and create a new account to join the Waste Management program.
  5. The last four digits of your SSN are to be entered, i.e., Social Security Number and Date of Birth is to be provided in the required field that validates your personal information.
  6. Click on “Continue.”
  7. Step-by-step, complete the form, providing all the correct information that is being asked during the registration process.
  8. In case you face any problem related to security or face any difficulty during the process of registration, you should visit here and get your issue resolved immediately. 
  9. There you go! You are now a member of the WM Community!

Forgetting your password is a very common phenomenon, here is the process you can follow to reset your password:

  1. Visit the webpage in case you have forgotten your password.
  2. Click on the “Forgot Password” button.
  3. Now, you’ll have to provide the “Employee Number” in the field provided.
  4. After you enter the “Employee Number,” you will be asked to answer a question for security purposes.
  5. Then, you will be asked to set a new password to access your WM Total Rewards account.
  6. Now, your new password is set, and you can log into your account. Once you log in, you’ll have all the information related to the rewards and advantages that you can earn from My WM Total Rewards portal.


14 thoughts on “MyWMTotalRewards.Com – Login

  1. Have I been kicked out because of lack of use.
    My password or username will not get be in. It says I have used an incorrect username or password.
    I have not changed either.

  2. I am a new employee American and would like to enroll for benefits. It has been difficult to enroll. I need help.
    Thank you.
    James Lincoln

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